NES/MAA Spring 2010 Meeting

Northeast Section of the Mathematical
Association of America

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Contributed Papers

Participants (including graduate students) at the NES/MAA Spring 2010 Meeting are invited to submit contributed papers, particularly those which will appeal to a wide variety of participants. If you would like to speak about your research, please keep in mind that few in the audience will likely be familiar with your specialty, so you should include motivation and context for your work. Your presentation should be 15 minutes in length. Please send an abstract, your mailing address, and a list of any special equipment you may need to Eric Johnson by clicking the link:

Though e-mail submissions are preferred, you may alternatively submit your paper as a hard copy to

Eric C. Johnson
NES/MAA Spring 2010 Contributed
U.S. Coast Guard Academy
Mathematics Department
15 Mohegan Avenue
New London, CT 06320

The deadline for submission of abstracts for the Spring 2010 Meeting at Salve Regina University University is May 28, 2010.

Presenters must have their pre-registration submitted to Salve Regina University by that date. Hotel registration are not guaranteed after April 30, 2010.

Undergraduate Student Papers

Undergraduate students from the Northeastern Section are invited to present talks at the spring meeting on topics in mathematics, statistics, or computer science. The presentations should be 10 minutes in length, on expository work, research projects, employment experiences, or problems from mathematical periodicals. The registration fee and cost of meals will be waived for one student presenter per paper. Interested students should submit:
  • the title of the presentation
  • an abstract of no more than 80 words
  • full name
  • email address
  • mailing address
  • college/university affiliation
  • indication of desire to attend the Friday Banquet, the Saturday lunch, or both
  • the name and email address of a faculty sponsor
to the Student Papers Coordinator, Raimundo Kovac by clicking the link: . Please use the subject provided in the link, "NES/MAA Spring 2010 Student Paper."

Though e-mail submissions are preferred, you may alternatively submit your paper as a hard copy to

Raimundo Kovac
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Rhode Island College
Providence, RI 02908-1991
(401) 456 9753

The deadline for abstract submissions is May 28, 2010.

Mathematical Association of America Spring NES Meeting - June 11-12, 2010 - Salve Regina University, Newport, RI.