CSC 203 Scientific Programming

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CSC 203 Syllabus - Spring 2020

Weeks Topics
1-2 Algorithms and programming. Introduction to MATLAB.
2-3 MATLAB basics: variables, arrays, matrix computations, I/O, plotting.
4-6 Branching statements and program design. Applications include examples in trigonometry, geometry, piecewise-defined functions.
7-9 Loops, iterative algorithms, vectorization and computational efficiency, and applications. User-defined functions. Applications may include estimation of limits; numerical differentiation; infinite series; infinite products; bisection, secant, and Newton's algorithm; numerical integration; differential equations; iterative methods for solving linear systems; the Euclidean algorithm.
10-13 Recursion and proof by mathematical induction, pseudorandom number generators and applications. Monte Carlo simulation and estimation of probability and definite integrals.
13-14 Additional topics. E.g., searching and sorting algorithms.


  • The time line shown above serves as a very rough guide.
  • Unless otherwise noted, readings will be from the notes.
  • See the Exams page for scheduling of examinations.

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Last modified: 1/21/2020