CMP201 Scientific Programming

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Homework Assignments

Note that the homework assignments frequently involve reading a section and "trying" exercises before we cover the section in class. The rationale behind this is that you should get more out of the class time, if you've read the material and try to do the exercises before we cover it in class. Please do not be overly concerned if you have trouble with the exercises when you try them before we've covered the section in class. The idea is for you to start thinking about the exercises, and trying them after reading a section will help reinforce what you learned by reading. After we've covered a particular section in class, you should make your best attempt to "do" (or complete) the exercises. You will always have the opportunity to get help with the homework exercises, either in class or during an office hour.

For 1/21/2020:

Please read the course syllabus (now available on Canvas) and read the class notes that were given to you on 1/21/2020.

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Last modified: 1/21/2020