STA341 Statistical Theory I

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STA341 SYLLABUS - Fall 2019






Basic Concepts, Brief review of algebra of sets.
  1.1, class notes

2 - 3

Probability: properties, methods of enumeration, conditional probability, independent events, Bayes Theorem.

4 - 6

Discrete Distributions: Random variables, mathematical expectation, mean, variance, standard deviation, Bernoulli trials and binomials distribution, moment-generating function, and Poisson distribution, among others.
  Chapter 2

6 - 9

Continuous Distributions: Random variables; and uniform, exponential, gamma, chi-square distributions, and normal distributions, among others. distributions of functions of a random variable.

9 - 10

Bivariate Distributions: distributions of two variables, correlation coefficient, and conditional distributions.
  4.1 - 4.4.

11 - 14

Distributions of two random variables: functions of one random variable, several independent random variables; the moment-generating function technique random functions associated with normal distributions;
and Central Limit Theorem, approximations for discrete distributions, as time permits.
 5.1, 5.3-5.5, and 5.6-5.7, as time permits.


  • Unless otherwise noted, readings are from the textbook. "Probability and Statistical Inference" 10th Ed. by Robert V. Hogg, Elliot A. Tanis, and Dale Zimmermann. Pub. Pearson.
  • For the schedule of Examinations please click on the Exams Button.

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