In Loving Memory of Moshe, Sali, Klara, and Leo Lawentmann


Sali Mondschein (my father's mother's sister) married Moses (aka Moshe) Lawentmann.


They loved each other very much and had two very sweet children, Klara and Leo. The following photo was taken around 1931 in Vienna, Austria. From left to right: My Aunt Hella (Rothman-Wolynski), Klara Lawentmann, my father (Martin Rothman), my grandmother (Ernestine (aka Esther) Mondschein-Rothman), and Sali and Moshe Lawentmann.  



The photo is simply a snapshot of a family enjoying time together on a nice peaceful day in a beautiful city. My father often spoke to me of his Aunt Sali and Uncle Moses, and his cousins Klara and little Leo. He told me how kind his Uncle Moses was, and how sweet his Aunt Sali was and how his cousin Klara loved to laugh. Leo was just a sweet innocent little child when my father saw him for the last time. My father's immediate family managed to escape the Nazis, but not all of his family were so fortunate. When this photo was taken the beautiful city, like much of Europe, was on the verge of insanity. Dreams of pleasant summer days in the park were about to change to nightmares of unprecedented terror. Just a few years after this photo was taken, Moshe, Sali, Klara, Leo were brutally murdered in the Nazi concentration camps.

Klara was born in 1925 and Leo in 1929. Had they not been murdered, they might still be alive today. They might have gotten married and had wonderful children of their own. They might have had wonderful days enjoying life in a nice park somewhere. I just want the world to know that there once lived some very nice people named Sali (Mondschein) Lawentmann, Moses Lawentmann, Klara Lawentmann, and Leo Lawentmann. And that before they were victims of the holocaust, they enjoyed some nice summer days in the park, and had some very beautiful moments in life filled with love, laughs, and dreams.

Here are some other pictures:


    Moshe, Klara (little girl), and Sali Lawentmann


Klara Lawentmann
    Klara Lawentmann


Klara Lawentmann
    Klara Lawentmann


I haven't been able to find photos of Leo.



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